Yellow Blanket Flower
Yellow Blanket Flower

Good morning

Good morning
Really difficult. Don’t miss it.

Miss you, want to meet, want to say hello, want to go anywhere together

A short but sensational million words
In the deep that is tied a lot
Both a lot of love and concern
Combined into a simple word “miss you”
Miss you so much that you can’t think of it
Can only keep in mind the past
If thinking about changing to sound, it would be loud.
I miss you until I stop and stop.
Don’t ask why you miss
Just asking for how much love
Both miss much love and care
Though far away but never far

Sometimes this short word
May be the reason
That made us sleepless nights

Some people will probably meet for a long time.
Some people, before meeting it would be too difficult.
But with some people … probably never met again forever

But no matter what
Still “miss” … really

Good morning
Good morning