Yellow Orchid Flowers
Yellow Orchid Flowers

Good morning

Good morning

Lunch will heal everything.
The stress will relax.
Because of a short break
For every journey

If this way is yes and not wrong. Moving forward and not backwards is something we should do.

It’s a little difficult to start again. But in my heart I have a deep hope That will be better

Do not stick to the tapeworm
In truth, people can withdraw at any time.
If there is no way to find new ways
Must succeed in one day

At certain times in life
We may be always lost.
Some people .. deliberately lost
Despite knowing that he was walking the wrong way
Some people .. lost without knowing it
Because I don’t know what Is what they want
But life .. can always reduce the risk of getting lost
Just find some good answers to some questions.
Now .. Where are we?
And where are we going?
Then it ..
Should really be our destination
No need to answer anyone
Just answer yourself .. enough.

Must dare to walk
Be afraid of falls
But don’t be afraid to get up again
Life is progressing forward
But not not thinking of the things behind
Everything has to balance with each other.
Because life is more beautiful than it really is

Good morning
Good morning

Orchid flowers are a symbol of wealth, love and elegance. Show excellent nobility and delicate beauty Among the ancient Greeks Orchid flower represents Breeding But for the Chinese, the orchid is called “Plant of the king’s scent” or a flower that tells the love language that “I can’t forbid my heart to miss you.”