Blue Petunia Flowers
Blue Petunia Flowers

Good Morning Flower

Good morning Blue Petunia Flowers

Running back, not changing anything, not changing, or not Understanding the word as in the past, pass by and focus on the next second is most important.

We all follow our own path. Regardless of the route
Must fight only

Too busy to put up first

Allowing the mind to be relieved

Who would you care if it wasn’t you?

Slim pen
That has been left open
Is a cumulative period of time
Once it’s dry, it’s dry.
Can not be re-written
“The feeling of being neglected too”
If one day our feelings become dry
Don’t be upset, you

Pen with heart After obtaining, do not use It is not useful. The steaming day, it dries away. Until writing uninterrupted, like when he wants to be a girlfriend, doing everything As a lover, time passed Change to another person, do not pay attention, let the lover feel the confidence can not find any day. The assistant manager does not care, you will come to ask for opportunities again, probably not. Because when you are together, you tend to be more interested in other things

Some pens, even though they care about how good it is There are always days when ink runs out. We can’t take care of everyone’s feelings. Is like we can’t take care of every pen in ours Choose a pen that we can take care of. And spend time writing it happily People too

Because our liking is easy
Many things look almost worthless.
But the nature of everything
There is time as the director.
Passed and had to go through
Nothing easy to return
Even the word love that threw the seed
And let it grow
That tree will find a way to survive.
To have your own life as well

Good morning
Good morning