Verbena bonariensis
Verbena bonariensis

Good Morning Flower

Good Morning Flower

So sleepy
So stressed out.
This chaotic
But this evening it will disappear
Because, in the end, desserts that like the right food or get to do as you wish
It will help to heal ourselves.
Smile, wait 🙂

Eat dessert. It will help heal.

We may be our soul mate. Grow up and take care of yourself to pay attention to yourself.
Do not wait to leave the feeling with someone to learn to be a good person of their own.
Regardless of whether or not there is someone, it’s a matter of timing.

The tree will survive, so it is necessary to shed leaves to regenerate.
Relationships and various stories in our lives are the same.
Like a tree that shifts and grows again

Some trees do not have a teak leaf. But it takes patience to be able to breathe itself Even if you don’t know how long you can stand

It’s normal to eat in then must be taken out.
It’s normal to wake up and be sleepy.
It’s normal to have a story that can be remembered accurately. There must be something that is easy to forget.
It’s normal that sometimes there are tears, sometimes laughing.
It’s normal to have to flourish and fade away.
It’s normal to have a lot of feelings and sometimes even nothing to feel at all.
Is really normal
Because when we understand the word “normal”
We dare to accept and understand the truth.
And always ready to start something new for life 🙂

Good Morning Flower
Good Morning Flower