White Orchid Flowers
White Orchid Flowers

Good Morning Flower

Good Morning Flower

Sometimes I want to get older
Sometimes I want to go back to children
Sometimes I want to try to change my personality

But after thinking carefully

Cannot go backwards
Walking to the future is not yet reached.
To be someone else Probably uneasy

Be yourself now
Probably yes and best

Some things are ignored .. it’s good.

Care about the benefits of life.
Some thoughts are too headache

If you care about everything in one day
I must be crazy.

To conclude, whichever is good, think carefully.
Any issue that is beyond fixing is to be ignored.

Not satisfied, no .. at the end
Satisfied with the end .. happy.

The problem is not the shoes.
But the problem is whether we will move forward

Broken shoes, never mind
But we can’t move forward, we can’t.

Agree to endure the foot injury
Better than endure it.
That must see oneself lose
Even just walking

Keep walking
Better than me

Good morning
Good morning