Good Morning

Good morning Have a great day

The applause belongs to those who win themselves.

Win an acceptable heart with the truth
Win the heart of not giving up on obstacles.
Win the heart of doing good things for myself
Win the heart that moves forward with confidence

Let us weak old people
Is the loser then let us the new one win

Although living with the truth is difficult, it is something that can be overcome. Don’t be discouraged.

Win the heart. Fight. Smile.

Good Morning
Good Morning

Even winning
Will not be easy
But it’s not too difficult
If serious
Each day
There will be many problems.
Come to challenge, test
By purpose
Let spoiled
Give up
But if trying to resist
Forced to watch
First victory to be achieved
Will uplift the mind
Broken down
Turned into my heart
That is powerful again
New heart
That is ready to stand
Persuade all desires
Resist against various temptations
You are new to this.
How to have
If not starting off
How was your day